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Taking your band to a bad recording studio is a lot like taking your face to a bad plastic surgeon.  Chances are, you’ll spend a ton of money, go through a lot of anguish and end up walking around looking like a complete dipshit for the rest of your days.  That’s why, if you’re a band looking to record in Austin, TX, Renaissance Recordings is the place to go.  Why? Because engineer/owner Austin Corley is a classically trained musician with Berklee degrees in Music Production & Engineering and Music Business & Management, for one thing. For another, the space is absolutely crammed with classic and state of the art recording gear and top of the line instruments that are most likely way nicer than your dumpy equipment.  Renaissance happily records rock, punk, reggae, indie, or whatever weird shit you’re looking to do, and they do it affordably. 
Look, I could spend hours listing Renaissance's myriad qualifications and assets, but at the end of the day you’re dealing with a studio that can (if you need it) provide you with better instruments than the ones you have, help in any songwriting or preproduction issues you may be dealing with, expertly record you to Pro Tools, mix it down, and send you on your way, AND they do it for cheap.  Renaissance will also happily take the crappy tracks you recorded in your bedroom, produce and mix them, and make ‘em sound great in the process.
Located in South Austin, Renaissance is an independent business dedicated to keeping the local scene cool and helping young bands make awesome recordings, as well as pushing established acts into the next phase of their careers.  So, it’s kind of a no brainer.  Other studios offer disaffected hipster engineers, bloated prices and some dick that still smokes inside with no discernable job at all.  All Renaissance wants to do is make your band sound good, and they know how to help you do it, from the inception of the song to the final mix.  Look, you wouldn’t trust your face to any old asshole with a labcoat and an ether soaked rag, right?  Your recording is your band’s face.  So for chrissakes, leave it in the hands of the pros over at Renaissance or risk ending up with a record that sounds the way Carrot Top’s face looks.  Consider yourselves invited/warned.

Came and Took It - Bait for the Buzzards
Came and Took It
Bait for the Buzzards
Bass Line Bums - All Alright EP
Bass Line Bums
All Alright EP
P L U G - Back on the Skull
Back on the Skull
Anchorline - A Reasonable Time (EP)
A Reasonable Time (EP)
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